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Sharon Cummings

4 Months Ago

Buy Into Art Successful Marketing Promotion Join Us

Coming off of the heels of our hugely SUCCESSFUL Buy Art Not Candy promotion (#BuyArtNotCandy), our TEAM effort has adopted Buy Into Art (#BuyIntoArt) as our anchor hashtag for year around promoting. We've been doing this long enough to know it is successful in many ways!

Everyone is welcomed to join in!!

It's SIMPLE. Use this hashtag whenever you promote your work on any social media platforms/blogs/etc:


This helps us find each other. We CROSS-PROMOTE each other. We mostly use Twitter, but feel free to use all social media.

It works best when we RETWEET OTHERS and SHARE OTHERS. You do not have to retweet or share others, but you will not get the great results you want when you just use the hashtags as an island. That is because people naturally tend to retweet and share those that do the same for them. Sharing benefits us ALL in the long run. This is a TEAM effort! So.....FOLLOW OTHERS. RETWEET OTHERS. CREATE and JOIN PINTEREST BOARDS revolving around the hashtags. Make videos with the hashtags. Be creative! Have fun! And please be patient this promotion builds over time and just gets better and better.

We also use seasonal and holiday hashtags throughout the year. I will announce those at appropriate times, but you can use them whenever you like. We've got #BuyArtNotCandy for Valentine's Day, #SpringForArt in the Spring, #FindArtThisSummer for Summer, #FallForArt for Fall and #GiftThemArt year around but especially the Holiday Season. Use your own hashtags as well.

We don't have restrictive rules here. You never have to feel obligated to participate. Come and go as you like. You never have to share or retweet work you think is poor quality, offensive, religious, political, or totally out in a field you don't play in, etc. We work as a TEAM, but you are still your own person. We all respect that.

No need to type everything again. This is our OLD THREAD BELOW...READ my opening post to learn more. The thread is long, but it's filled with testimonials and TIPS if you wish to scroll and learn!!!



JOIN MY BOARDS ON PINTEREST....Just ask to be invited:



My Twitter account...Follow Me!


My Instagram:


My Facebook:


My blog:


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharon-cummings-54051745/


Feel free to post your social media links so others can follow you. But only post your links if you will be participating with us. If you just drop your links and run, you will not get anything out of this.

Post your Pinterest Boards related to our TEAM so we can all join.


Here's to Buying Into Art!! And Happy Hashtagging!!

Art is an investment into beauty, your happiness, lifetime value and you can support living artists from around the World. #art #BuyIntoArt

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Sharon Cummings

4 Months Ago

Right now we are using #BuyIntoArt and #FindArtThisSummer

Everyone post your links to your social media again. Post your Pinterest threads. And everyone post at least ONE TIP that you think can help others. I just combed through the entire old thread for you guys. I used the search function searching TIP. These are what I found:

TIP: Twitter is a finicky beast, so when you are starting to build your following and starting our promotion, go slow. Pace yourself. Spread out your RTing (ReTweeting)...Don't follow and follow too many people at once. Twitter doesn't like it if you do too much at once. So just RT a handful, follow a few people, etc. each time you log in. For awhile, I was doing the ladies first and then the gents a few hours later. Over time, Twitter lets you do more and more. Now I can RT as much as I want.
Twitter gets used to your activity and you can increase it over time. This keeps you out of Twitter Jail. It only lasts 3 days, but the beds are hard and the food is awful. ;)

TIPS: A tip for getting new Twitter followers and RTers...If you post a "bird" and pin it to the top. Go search hashtags that have to do with birds. Find a post that has a lot of RTs....look at who is RTing that image and follow some of them. Not only do many follow back, they have started RTing my work. :)

Once in awhile find a big artist or someone that has a lot of followers and gets a lot of RTs and RT one of their images and leave a nice comment. At the end include one of our hashtags. Some start using the hashtags. :) Some have started following me and RTing my work too.

If you see work that resembles yours in some way and it is getting a lot of RTs....Look at who is RTing that art. Follow some of them. I quickly read their tagline to get more non-artist followers. If they are happy to RT that artist's work, then they would be happy to do mine too. And it is actually working! :) I get new RTs from these folks all the time now.

TIPS From @Douglas: My tip is to mix your posts up, tweets etc. Promote the products that your art looks best on, one day it can be wall art, next day show off a coffee mug/tote bag/shower curtain/iPhone Case etc.

TIP: I’ve added both hashtags to my bio (profile) on twitter and i search the hashtags from there

TIP: When you RT do everyone else FIRST! Then promote your own. That way your stuff will be at the top and we won't have to scroll through a million we've already seen to try to find your new posts. I only scroll about 10 dow and then I will untweet your pinned post and RT it to get it exposure again. That is fair. But if you do everyone else FIRST and then do YOUR NEW ONES, I can RT those easily. :)

TIP: Pin a new post to the top of your Twitter each day, to make it easier for us to find you! RT those that RT your pinned post. That simplifies it a lot.

TIP::::Keep in mind that Twitter is all about catching someone's eye! If you can post some larger images (you can put watermark/copyright info on them) that will be more likely to be seen and Retweeted. I will go and hunt down larger images in your media if you just post a bunch of links directly from FAA with tiny itsy bitsy images....I want my followers to go "wow" when they see YOUR work and MINE...and WANT to Retweet it. I want them to like seeing stuff from me in their feed. Not just clogging it up with things they can barely see. That is how you get unfollowed.

TIP: Do Retweet images and quotes without links a handful of times a day. This tells Twitter you are not just a sales seeking barracuda with nothing but links posts.

TIPS===============>If you come in here and dump your links and we all follow you and Retweet and share your work and you do not reciprocate, this campaign will not work for you. You will get a nice initial boost, but then you will go nowhere. I've seen it many times. This is a TEAM effort. If you are not a TEAM player, just don't bother. It's ok. Not everyone is. Know yourself. Go do your own thing with our blessings. But you will not get the great results everyone who IS a TEAM player is getting here.

TIP=============>If you have a tiny portfolio and are not producing new work, this campaign may not work well for you. People get bored easily and if they see the same thing from you over and over and over, they tune out. It's ok if you have a small portfolio. It's ok if it takes you 3 months to complete one piece. This isn't a judgement call about you or your work. It is letting you know that this type of campaign, may not work as well for you as someone who has a diverse gallery who is constantly adding new work. People like novelty. At the very least, offer up different products with your art if you do not have many images. Offer it on prints, mugs, puzzles, etc. Give them something NEW to see and consider.

TIP============>Follow people back. It helps you in the long run to build a community of peers who support you and you do so in return.

TIP==========>Put up your BEST work. If it's blurry, cropped poorly or just an average picture of a gray rock, some of us will not want to Retweet or share it. What we RT and share reflects on us. We don't want to come across to our followers as lovers of poor quality and boring stuff.

TIP=========>Comment on other people's stuff once in awhile. At least once or twice a day. Just say something nice. Interact. Twitter algorithms love that! And you are building a sense of community filling it with people who WANT to support you.

TIP=============>We all have crap days. But please leave the negativity out of this thread as much as possible. It's not fair. Someone else might need just a little word of encouragement for the day. So if you don't have anything positive to add to the TEAM, just go have some tea and read or meditate or whatever you do to make yourself feel better. The World is ugly enough. We don't need to add to it here. If you are not having success (however you define it) here, it's ok to say that sometimes. But also, LOOK for something good happening. Maybe you are getting more traffic. Or you made a friend. Or someone commented on your art and it made them smile. Maybe you liked someone else's art a lot and it inspired you to create more. Positivity goes A LONG way in here and in life in general. Just try it....

TIP==============>Follow Non FAA people. Retweet some Non FAA people. Comment on some Non FAA people. I believe this is what will lead to sales more than anything else. DID YOU SEE THIS TIP. :)

TIP=============This is a longterm endeavor. Not a get rich quick scheme. You have to build your following, create new work for them to see, market it to them often and regularly and you must be patient. You also have to reciprocate others, so they share you with their followers. It's like dominos...

TIP: Expanding on what I said earlier...diversity is a GOOD thing! No matter how gorgeous your rose picture is, there are 8 million more rose pictures just like it. This is just the reality. So you have to always be thinking of ways to stand out...be slightly different (or dramatically different) from everyone else. If you live in a touristy place, take pictures or create art based on the little out of the way places....someone has a sweet memory there. If you like photographing roses, try adding unique quotes or poems to them. Something that will "speak to someone". If you look at some of the better sellers on FAA, you will find they usually have large portfolios with a wide variety of subject matter, styles, etc.


Renata Natale

4 Months Ago


If we have retweeted, we can always comment. I think comments help our posts as well.


Donna Mibus

4 Months Ago




Ha, if only I had a tip to share. I don't. I have appreciated all the advice you guys have offered. I regret I can't add any tips, since I'm so new to this.


Alexios Ntounas

4 Months Ago

Here are my handlers. Happy to participate in this team!




A tip I would give is to use your own image for posting in social media instead of using the FAA share buttons. Those will create a small image in Twitter and a pin that cannot be modified in Pinterest.


John Hughes

4 Months Ago

My Twitter account, where I do most of my marketing.


My Instagram account


My Pinterest account


My Tip : Learn to be patient and persevere with your marketing.


Chad Meyer

4 Months Ago

I'm just using Twitter and Pinterest right now. I need to revamp the FB/IG due to the throttled engagement



I second the commenting part. I've been adding comments to both FAA posts and Non Faa posts. I've seen a higher engagement % and more link clicks

I like Doug's idea of highlighting different products

I'm currently experimenting with mini sessions of RT spread out every few hours

You covered quite a bit with the tips so I don't have anything to add at this time

I do have a question if engagement is better by spreading your posts out or several at a time. I'm afraid if I post several in a row that Twitter may see that as spamming


Sharon Cummings

4 Months Ago

I do some of both Chad...sometimes they are spread out as I post when I list a new piece and other times it's a few in a row. I do schedule 5 posts a day spread out by about 4 to 5 hours apart.


Renata Natale

4 Months Ago

Oops, forgot my Instagram link. Thanks all.



John Twynam

4 Months Ago

Here are mine:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jrtwynam
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/jrtwynam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jrtphotographydotcom
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jrtwynam

I generally concentrate on Twitter and Pinterest. I post on Twitter maybe 10 of my images a day, spread out by about an hour. Plus, I retweet the BuyIntoArt hashtag every couple of hours. I make sure that all my new images have a pin created on Pinterest, and I post one of those per day (sometimes two - one in the morning, one in the evening) in the various Pinterest groups that I'm part of. I do post an image on my Facebook page (not my personal one) every few days, and I generally post newly-edited images on Instagram, but it sometimes takes me awhile to get those uploaded to FAA.

I've noticed that a paid Facebook ad gets me a whole bunch of views, but so far no sales. I have one running right now that has gotten 1600 link clicks, and that's reflected in my GA as well.


Ernesto Beckford

4 Months Ago

Here are my links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeckfordErnesto

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ernesto.beckford

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ernestocollage

Tip: On Instagram, you have to follow people, like posts, and make comments on stuff you really like. This is how you gain followers.



4 Months Ago

It is great to be a member of this team!

My TIP1:
I am a fan from LISTS: But Twitter does not really like it. After around 20 people put in a list, suddenly they got not into the lists anymore. If you not check it each time, if the person got listed or not, then it makes you pussing. since I put maximum 20 persons in a list per day, everything goes well.

TIP2*: For a while now I am using tweetdeck for retweeting. I set it to show me only retweets of my work plus mentions - so, excluding all the likes, which I still can see in the notifications on my account/profile.
To make it more handy for me I post ONE NEW tweet and pin it to the top. This is for me a marker. Then on tweetdeck I scroll down until 23 hours or 1 day (I can see my marker from my last day also) and start retweeting backwards until I reach the new pinned tweet from me. More tweets I often post directly with the pinned one, so that retweeter can choose what they want to retweet from the new ones. I can do it like this, because I live in indonesia and usually I finished retweeting long time before most here are starting. So, my tip, if you are in the USA: Just tweet ONE and pin it, then retweet all in small batches over the day, and more new tweets post step by step or after you finished your retweets.
*With this way you only make return retweets! With my special lists I can check, if I missed someone, who is not online each day.
**Before I start retweeting on tweetdeck, I try to retweet on some new accounts.

TIP3: I UNfollow maximum 4 persons a day, because Twitter seems not like us unfollow more than 5.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kh527q
Pinterest: https://id.pinterest.com/kall3bu/_saved/

I hope the following link brings you to tweetdeck, which you have to activate. - Shelli was the one, who shared us, that there is a tweetdeck.
IG and FB I do not post here right now, because I concentrate on TW and P now.


Sharon Cummings

4 Months Ago

John...I probably gave FB well over 1K and all I ever got were clicks but zero sales...that was enough of a trial for me. Not sure I even believe the clicks...


Karen Cook

4 Months Ago

I tried FB ads...never did anything for me. I get more traffic to my FB photography page using #hashtags than any FB ad


Jodi DiLiberto

4 Months Ago

My tip, to Alezios' point about the small image when using FAA's share button. You can right-click on the image you would like to post, then click "Copy Image". Delete the small image and paste the one you copied. This works with all products.

My links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Joyoussinger
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fromthepurplehouse/
Facebook (for what it's worth): https://www.facebook.com/MusicandArtfromthePurpleHouse

I do have a Pinterest account and always have such good intentions about it, but I can never remember to do anything with it.


Jodi DiLiberto

4 Months Ago

I wondered, if anyone knows, is it better to follow a business page on Facebook from your personal page or business page? I've followed everyone who posted their link here with both. I only just thought of it now, or would have done so with everyone's page I've followed before this.


OBT Imaging

4 Months Ago

Great info for tweet land, thank you,

Here is OBT links, happy to be followed and to follow back etc..


never had a lot of luck with pinterest, happy to look at it again, if folks think it's really worth doing ?...

My Tip well, comment, take a look and interact all across many different themes and topics, there always seems to be someone out there who replies from the Tweet ocean and/or the FB jungle.


Jacquie Gouveia

4 Months Ago

I love all of the tips in this discussion! Since I don't feel like I have anything useful to contribute, I'll share some encouraging words. I've helped and mentored 2 of my nieces into becoming selling artists and this is something I have told them. Whether you are in the creative process or promoting your work - let it come from a place of peace and have faith things will work out exactly the way they are supposed to. It's not always easy, but I think it's important to approach everything with calm, positive energy. You can still make smart business decisions and amazing art from there. Finding balance between your creative side and your business/intelligent side is key to being a happy and smart artist (and person).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jgouveia
Instagram (business): https://www.instagram.com/gouveiahome/
Instagram (personal): https://www.instagram.com/jacquie_gouveia/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jgouveia/_saved/



Karen Kaspar

4 Months Ago

Thank you all for the tips, sharing, retweeting ... You are great!

My twitter: https://twitter.com/KarenKaspar1
My pinterest: https://www.pinterest.de/k_kaspar/_created/

When I don't find new tweets on top of your twitter account, I click on the media tab, where I find more tweets to retweet.


Sharon Cummings

4 Months Ago

I was pretty much following everyone in most places, but missed a few on Pinterest and FB...Got ALL of you ALL followed now!

FYI...I don't mix business with pleasure so to speak, so I don't accept FB requests to my personal page. You can see I only have 58 friends...They are all family and friends I know in person. So don't be offended if I reject a request. I just like to keep it all separate. Thanks!


Steven Heap

4 Months Ago

I'm on the following:


I wish I had a new tip for Twitter but I'm still trying to understand how best to use that! But one thing I am trying to do with a few others is to build a network of photography/art blogs from artists who sell prints and try to boost our collective ranking in search engines. I wrote about the group here - not restricted to just FAA artists.




Shelli Fitzpatrick

4 Months Ago

My Pinterest

My Twitter

My Mewe Page

I have a few tips for Pinterest:

First, try to make fresh pins whenever possible. I use canva and add some text or make a quick mockup that looks different from the FAA mockups. ( it is okay to use them too when you are in a hurry but Pinterest might not consider them fresh images since they all look alike with the same sofa or chair.)

Make sure you use recommended image size which is 1000x1500 px (that is why I use canva so often because it makes that part easy)
This helps increase your reach somehow.

Also you can use the create pin tool on Pinterest to schedule up to 30 pins per month and Pinterest loves it when you use that scheduler.

and try to pin things that have nothing to do with promoting sometimes and repin other peoples pins too.

Finally, if you can, claim your artist website. I had to ask Pinterest support to help me do that and then follow thier instructions. It was easy but it took 3 days. I see better numbers on my pins from my site now that I did that.

One other thing about Pinterest pins, hashtags are searchable internally and externally and the boards are evergreen. meaning that they don't sink into oblivion the way tweets do.

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Shelli Fitzpatrick

4 Months Ago

Followed all and invited more of you to the

Buy Into Art Team Pinterest Group board.


Any newcomers can message me here or at Pinterest for an invite.

BTW, Love the new hashtag logo Sharon!


Sandi OReilly

17 Hours Ago

@Kevin And Christina glad you are safe!
@Pamela, so glad your house is good and you are safe!! Appreciate your nursing as well!!
@HH so glad you are well and safe!!
Waiting on Sharon too!!


Shelli Fitzpatrick

17 Hours Ago

Thank God you are safe Sharon, I looked on the map and saw where you are in relation to Fort Myers Beach and was worried that you got hit hard. Thanks for updating us and don't worry about retweets right now. We will all stand in the gap for you.


Bob Decker

17 Hours Ago

Glad to hear all is safe Sharon. Clean up is a chore. Been there a time or two or three living on coastal NC. Chin up and carry on.


Chad Meyer

16 Hours Ago

Glad to hear from you Sharon!


Joe Walmsley

15 Hours Ago

Great to hear that everyone is safe!!



14 Hours Ago

Glad to hear everybody is safe.


Kathrin Poersch

12 Hours Ago

I'm also glad that everybody is okay.

@Sharon: Don't worry about the retweets, we've got you covered. If it takes a couple of days to get back to "normal" for you, then so be it.


Western Exposure

9 Hours Ago

Good to hear ye are all okay. I saw some clips on Twitter. Scary stuff. Artist "Seamless" in Puerto Rico is okay too. His house got flooded and he still has no power - has to power devices from the car - but he's unhurt at least.


Debra Martz

8 Hours Ago

Sharon, Glad you’re safe. Thanks for checking in.


Jodi DiLiberto

8 Hours Ago

I'm so happy to hear that everyone is safe! Whew!


Kristia Adams

8 Hours Ago

Glad to hear everyone is safe and the animals too! The images on the news are heartbreaking!


Ingrid Lindberg

7 Hours Ago

Happy to hear you all are safe. What a storm!


Joe Walmsley

7 Hours Ago

I hope today brings a better day for everyone!

I have been wanting to ask this question for a little bit now. I have a feeling im going to feel silly once I know the answer. But, I have always been told, that there are no dumb questions.:)

I have been entering a few contests and some folks have commented on my images.

Some of them end the comment with F/L. or L/F.
Does anyone know what that means? Thanks!


Kathrin Poersch

7 Hours Ago

@Joe: F/L means that they favourited and liked your image. It's not a dumb question. I myself once thought the F stands for "followed" only to wonder later where this new follower is 😅


Sharon Cummings

7 Hours Ago

Going to get some supplies a d head back home...PRECO got half of their customers back in power yesterday...that's impressive! Hopefully we will get ours today!! We do have a generator keeping our food cold and safe to eat.


Joe Walmsley

7 Hours Ago

Thank you very much, Kathrin!
And, thanks for not making me feel silly. :)

Now I can reply without thinking im missing something.

I thought of "Followed" also.

Have a nice day!


John Twynam

6 Hours Ago

Glad to hear you're doing ok, Sharon! Thanks for checking in.


Joe Walmsley

6 Hours Ago

Great news, Sharon! :)


MM Anderson

6 Hours Ago

Happy to hear everyone is doing okay after the storm. We're getting it today up here in SC. So far, just a lot of rain. Wind to come later on. But hopefully, not too bad.

Hard to believe it's almost Oct. I guess I'd better gear up the Christmas promos now.


Carol Wander

6 Hours Ago

Glad everyone is safe. Sharon great news that animals and structures survived. It's devastating to lose major trees, but rather that than your home. Whenever I get down about our ruined landscape in front of our home from storm damage, hubby tells me to just look out the back! It was untouched. For the first time in 28 years I can see the trees changing color across the valley. Have to find those bright spots!

On a positive note our first granchild was born last week. Mom and baby are doing great. He stole our hearts!


James Brunker

6 Hours Ago

Great to see everyone made it through and checking in!


Janet Marie

5 Hours Ago

So good to know everyone is doing okay. Thank you Sharon for sharing your story. Wishing the best with all the cleanup.

@Linda I hope you will be okay there in South Carolina.

@Carol, congratulations for the good news of the birth of your grandbaby.

Wishing a good weekend for everyone despite everything going on.


what everyone else said! Glad everyone is safe, congrats Carol -- and the TEAM will do what we do, and support those unable to retweet right now and RT you anyway so don't worry, we've got your backs.


Phyllis Taylor

3 Hours Ago

Sharon, glad you are able to check in and that your home and animals are okay.
Also happy that others in Florida are checking in. Glad to hear from you.

Praying for those in South Carolina. Hang in there!

My granddaughter's house is in Beaufort and she is here in Cincinnati for her wedding on Saturday. I can only imagine what is going through her mind.


Kristia Adams

3 Hours Ago

Just sold a pack of 25 holiday cards! First time I ever sold a pack. Hopefully, this is a good sign for the holiday season!


Debbie Oppermann

1 Hour Ago

Just checking in, happy to hear all are safe!
Congrats Kristia!


Katrina Gunn

1 Hour Ago

We have clear skies today - the first since the start of the week, so I was able to do a bunch of RTing. If I miss anyone, just let me know because it is not intentional. I posted to my blog and am promoting that today.

Congrats on the sales, and those of y'all in the Carolinas, here's hoping you get as lucky as I did with this storm.


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