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New Facebook Shopping Cart

Insert a complete shopping cart into your Facebook profile or fan page!
Example: Mandy Wiltse's Fan Page Shopping Cart
Deck the Walls is pleased to announce the release of our new Facebook app!
With a few simple clicks, you can add a full-featured FAA shopping cart directly to your fan page.   Your Facebook friends and fans can then browse through all of your images and purchase them as framed prints, canvas prints, phone cases, and more... without ever leaving Facebook!
Scott Listfield's Fan Page Shopping Cart
Mandy Wiltse's Fan Page Shopping Cart
Ken Power's Fan Page Shopping Cart
The new app is a huge... huge... huge improvement over the previous design.
What's new?
1. The app now includes our entire product line, including: canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, greeting cards, phone cases, throw pillows, and duvet covers!
2. The app works in multiple currencies, including: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, and Japanese Yen.
3. The app's search engine allows buyers to search through your images based on keywords, titles, colors, sizes, orientation, galleries, and more!
4. The app is 100% "reponsive" and will display perfectly on iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and more!
5. The entire checkout process occurs within the Facebook environment. The buyer never leaves Facebook at any time.
Your shopping cart allows your friends and fans to browse through your images by keywords, galleries, medium, size, shape, and more.   All of your prices are clearly marked throughout the shopping system, and if a visitor is interested in making a purchase, it only takes a few simple clicks!
Facebook is an enormously powerful marketing tool for photographers and all visual artists.   It's a great way to quickly build a fan base for your artwork... and now, with your new FAA shopping cart, you can make it easy for your fan base own your products!
IMPORTANT - Before You Begin

In order to use the FAA Shopping Cart, you have to have a Facebook Fan Page. If you do not already have a fan page, click on the following link to create one before attempting to activate the FAA Shopping Cart:

Create a Facebook Fan Page